This Is The End Review (Spoilers)


As you can see from the poster and who is in it, you can guess what kind of  movie this is.. It revolves around a group of friend’s while the biblical apocalypse is happening around them and the group is falling out due to close proximity and not being able to keep in all things they have ever wanted to say to each other.. The actors play version’s of them selves, some slightly exagerrated some completly false, like Michael Cera’s coke addicted asshole.  First and foremost it is a comedy (black) with action/horror element’s at point’s. For the most part it is very good, the jokes come in the form of banter and out right insults between the actors. Some of this falls short of funny but mostly it’s hilarious. They get holed up in James Franco’s house after a house warming party with lot’s of celebrity cameo’s. The house by the way he designed himself which could be the most pretentious thing ever.. There is other cameo’s through the movie including Emma Watson which is pretty funny considering I cannot imagine her being like that in real life, and another near the end which I could not believe. The effects and action are good considering it come’s from first time director’s in Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.. Some thing’s are are just plain weird like demons with thier junk swinging around, Jonah Hill being raped by one and  the afore mentioned cameo I could not believe.. But it all  kind of fits in this world.. So all in all I would recommend this and the surprise’s it holds including possibly the greatest most random ending ever!! Everybody Yeah…

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