World War Z Review ***Spoilers***


Worst in flight movie ever??

Before I start I may be biased because I like a Zombie/Survival/Horror/Brad Pitt movie, not neccesarily in that order but I like this movie and I can only see one real issue which may only be an issue for me.
It’s not a typical zombie movie where all they do is run away, Brad Pitts character Gerry has been charged by the UN to find the source so they can find a cure, so there is some globe trotting which includes Cardiff which is a bit random. All so while in Cardiff he is at the World Health Organization and meets a Doctor there played by Peter Capaldi and he is billed as W.H.O Doctor, Nice accindental reference there. The acting is all good and the action scenes are well paced and little bit scary. The effects are good but the zombies run very fast which is a bit jarring. The worst in flight movie comment comes from the plane crash near the end of the movie which looks amazing but if that happened in real life it would be terrifying. There is a few memorable moments including Gerry cutting off a womans hand to stop the infection that caught me by surprise. They all so have an different and interesting way to fight the zombies which I liked. The issue for me is that it is clearly part one of a multi movie story, the sequel has been confirmed but a bit risky to make it like that. Overall I enjoyed the movie and I can’t wait for the sequel.

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