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Dogma.. A look back (Spoliers)

After Alan Rickman’s sad passing I was instantly reminded of his great performance’s, Die Hard is an obvious pull, but the one that stood out for me was Dogma. A little comedy about two renegade angels trying to regain access to heaven. Now that on paper sounds fucking nut’s but it is one of the funniest and sweetest films I have ever seen filled with heart. It is one of my favourite film’s of all time, for this reason. Heart goes a long way if you care about the character’s you can almost get away with anything. Also it is soo smart in it’s use of Catholicism and it’s message towards religion as a whole

Kevin Smith is a film maker who has been around for over 20 years now and all his films have heart especially the View Askewinverse ones. Jay and Silent Bob may just be a couple of stoners but they are so likeable they are our constant through these films along with alot of the same cast. I first watched Dogma when I was a teenager and I instantly loved it I have seen it many times now and recently re watched it in the wake of Alan Rickman’s death. It is still an incredible film the laughs and heart on display are second to none. Alan Rickman in this film show’s us something we have not really seen from him, just pure fun. Metatron is the voice of god and I don’t think anyone else but Alan would of been as believable or funny. His final scene going back to heavan is so emotional now for obvious reason’s I must admit I had a tear.

Kevin Smith has a knack of not just writing a good script/ story and being a good director he can fill his cast out with just the right people which is part of the magic of his films. I think Kevin is brought down too much in todays media but I think he is being over looked as the great filmaker he is. Dogma is a prime example of this. Yes there are dick jokes but as long as you back up the humour with heart and a great cast your golden. I would have loved to see a sequel but I suppose it may have lost some magic. All in all it is a great movie and a credit to all involved thank you Kevin Smith for writing this and to the cast for bringing it to life.

“You People, If there isn’t a movie about it, it’s not worth not knowing, is it?”

Windows Phone 8.1

Hello. Anyone that knows me, will know that I am an ardent supporter of Android and a hater of windows phones.

My trusty Android phone, HTC Mini One 2, decided to die a death the other month and I have been limping along with it. It was taking forever to load apps, take ages to return messages and an inordinate amount of time to boot!

So, I was faced with a quandary. My upgrade isn’t due for 8 months, I can’t afford a top spec Android phone sim free… What’s a boy to do.

Well, this boy took to the internet for help. I spent an awful lot of time looking at phones. Was I to go for a cheap Android from a brand? Was I to chance a grey phone from China? Was I to – heaven forbid – take an iPhone into my life… Not in a million bloody years!!

So, I was left with either a brick or a windows phone.

I plumped for windows… Lumia 640xl to be precise.

Coming from Android, I am a bit concerned about the lack of apps, connectivity and general ability to bugger about with a windows phone, but so far it has done what I need it to… Most notably just work.

As a bit of a power user, there are huge gaps in windows 8.1 that you could drive a fleet of busses through when it comes to comparing with Android. I’m currently writing this on my trusty Nexus 7 (2012). I can now quite easily stream music from my ftp site, or my home network, or anywhere… I can watch films in a similar manner. I can delve into the internal workings of my raspberry pi. I can download things at the touch of a couple of buttons.

None of these things are done easily, if at all, with a windows phone. I can barely get it to talk to my PC to transfer music.

But, I quite like it. I did dabble with Windows 10 on it for a couple if days, but it is nowhere near finished and should be ignored for now. Saying that, if it is half as good as it promises to be then it will be something to definitely rival the apple offering. If… That’s a very big if!

Day to day, though, it is working well. Doesn’t like installing things too much but if you leave it and go and have a cup of tea it sorts itself out.

I’m probably going to switch back to Android when I get an upgrade, but until then I shall be happy with my big bright orange phone and enjoy the simplicity it has brought to my life

Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles review (Spoilers obviously)


Fast, Fun, Funny, Action packed and never dull.

Exactly what any TMNT fan wants (Old and new) as I think this is the perfect way to bring in the new generation of fans

It never dragged, I was never bored. I honestly don’t know what the critics hate about this movie, apart from Michael Bay, which is quite frankly ridiculous to slam a movie just because of the producer attached to it.

The main criticism that seems to levelled at the “heroes in a half shell” (sorry) is that it is a dull movie which is devoid of any fun. I feel as if they have seen a different movie as it never let up. Every joke landed (and there is A LOT of them) and were very funny. I was smiling or laughing through the whole thing.
The turtles were all fleshed out all having the right personality.The Mo cap and voicing were spot on Mikey being the funniest wanting to be with Megan Fox’s April O’neil. Who I was worried about considering her past roles but turned out to be very good in this. I was also not sure about Johnny Knoxville voicing Leo but he was very good also.

Aside from a few obvious plot developments I am so impressed with the Turtles return to the big screen

The only two criticisms I have are that Whoopi Goldberg is under used and it is not long enough (so roll on sequel)
The action is incredible, the mountain scene a hightlight. Although to be fair all the action sizzled off the screen
One of the best films this year without a doubt

I had two thoughts when I left the cinema after this 1) I have to download the song that plays over the credits and 2) I have to see this again, So I cannot wait for the Blu ray

I cannot recommend this enough so go see it

The Lego Movie Review (Spoilers Obviously)


Everything is awesome…..

I could probably leave it there, as it is awesome. This film should not work but the film makers have pulled off a kind of miracle and made the best animated film of the year. It truly is great. I feel as if it will never be boring it can be watched multiple times and you will still love it, not only that but see more references or in jokes with each viewing. It’s almost like Wheres Wally but with loads in each frame. Very funny all the way through with a sweet story, although plot and story is lifted from the Matrix, but it is done so well you don’t care. It folows Emmet (Chris Pratt) a normal guy thrust into greatness being the centre of a prophecy which states he will stop Lord business (Will Ferral) from Destroying the universe with the Kragle (great joke here). Visually it is stunning with everything obviously cgi but everything is made from lego bricks from roads to buildings to explosions to the sea!! Voice acting is incredible, many stars voice these tiny people. Morgan Freeman a paticular highlight as Vitruvius, a blind old wizard who is one of the Master Builders and like the Morphous of the peice. Will Artnett as Batman, He has a lot of one liners is kind of selfish but always funny. But saying that Emmet (Chris Pratt) and the whole gang are firing on all cylinders in the funny dept. A personal highlight is a cameo appearance by the Millenium Falcon with a few recognisable characters popping up at the perfect moment. Also the meeting of the Master Buliders is a nice moment. The 90 mins runtime flies by leaving you wanting more (roll on 2017). It seems chaotic, well it is, but it makes sense when you see the end. It would be like this in childs mind but it is perfect for the world that is lego.

Overall cannot reccomend this more to people of all ages



World War Z Review ***Spoilers***


Worst in flight movie ever??

Before I start I may be biased because I like a Zombie/Survival/Horror/Brad Pitt movie, not neccesarily in that order but I like this movie and I can only see one real issue which may only be an issue for me.
It’s not a typical zombie movie where all they do is run away, Brad Pitts character Gerry has been charged by the UN to find the source so they can find a cure, so there is some globe trotting which includes Cardiff which is a bit random. All so while in Cardiff he is at the World Health Organization and meets a Doctor there played by Peter Capaldi and he is billed as W.H.O Doctor, Nice accindental reference there. The acting is all good and the action scenes are well paced and little bit scary. The effects are good but the zombies run very fast which is a bit jarring. The worst in flight movie comment comes from the plane crash near the end of the movie which looks amazing but if that happened in real life it would be terrifying. There is a few memorable moments including Gerry cutting off a womans hand to stop the infection that caught me by surprise. They all so have an different and interesting way to fight the zombies which I liked. The issue for me is that it is clearly part one of a multi movie story, the sequel has been confirmed but a bit risky to make it like that. Overall I enjoyed the movie and I can’t wait for the sequel.

This Is The End Review (Spoilers)


As you can see from the poster and who is in it, you can guess what kind of  movie this is.. It revolves around a group of friend’s while the biblical apocalypse is happening around them and the group is falling out due to close proximity and not being able to keep in all things they have ever wanted to say to each other.. The actors play version’s of them selves, some slightly exagerrated some completly false, like Michael Cera’s coke addicted asshole.  First and foremost it is a comedy (black) with action/horror element’s at point’s. For the most part it is very good, the jokes come in the form of banter and out right insults between the actors. Some of this falls short of funny but mostly it’s hilarious. They get holed up in James Franco’s house after a house warming party with lot’s of celebrity cameo’s. The house by the way he designed himself which could be the most pretentious thing ever.. There is other cameo’s through the movie including Emma Watson which is pretty funny considering I cannot imagine her being like that in real life, and another near the end which I could not believe. The effects and action are good considering it come’s from first time director’s in Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.. Some thing’s are are just plain weird like demons with thier junk swinging around, Jonah Hill being raped by one and  the afore mentioned cameo I could not believe.. But it all  kind of fits in this world.. So all in all I would recommend this and the surprise’s it holds including possibly the greatest most random ending ever!! Everybody Yeah…

The Frozen Ground Review **Spoilers**


This movie is based on a true story so it will all ways be up for debate how much is accurate but as a film it works and I enjoyed it, there are some draw backs though. It centres on an investigation led by Jack Halcombe played by Nicolas Cage into missing women sparked by Cindy Paulson (Vanessa Hudgens) as she claims to have been kidnapped and raped by Robert Hansen (John Cusack). At first nobody believes her except Jack Halcombe. Not only does he believe her but he thinks that the missing women and similar reports by other women who were taken (which were ignored by police) are linked. He goes after Robert Hansen with everything he has while also trying to protect Cindy who is a bit of a mess and running away scared a few times (too many in my opinion as I got she was scared the first time she ran). The good – the movie plays out like a thriller slowly at first then as Jack gets more evidence the story moves on quicker. Until the final 15 mins when it becomes a race againt time thriller while he tries to get a confession from Robert or enough evidence to convict him. This plays out very well and keeps you on the edge of your seat as we all know he his guilty we just need the law to see he is. The acting is incredible, Nicolas Cage is amazing I always find that he seems to not turn up acting wise in all his movies but when he does he blows me away. John Cusack is absolutely incredible as the twisted serial killer coming apart at the seems as the movie progresses, probably his best performance I have seen from him. And Vanessa Hudgens is ok, she just seemed like she was all over the place. All though that could be intentional considering the state of mind the character is in. The bad – I’m not sure why but it all seemed very grungy which I think detracts from the film, Also the director does a lot of close ups which are not neccersary espeicially when it just seems pervy. over all I enjoyed it but it could of been better. There is text accross the screen at the end that tells you what happened to the people involved. And pictures of the victims they know about to say it is dedicated to them which I think is a nice touch.

Jurassic Park – 3D ***Spoilers***

Well, I’ve never seen the film in its entirety before… bits here and there, that sort of thing. Not really a dinosaur fan. I have to say, though, that I really enjoyed it. It’s a tiny bit obvious from the opening few minutes of the film that it is all going to go horribly wrong – which kind of ruins it a little bit – but it is executed well and looks absolutely stunning.

The 3D effect is very good – although you can tell in places that it has been added in afterwards – but this doesn’t detract from the film in any way. The scenes where extinct creatures are running about really work well, and even this cynical old reviewer suspended his disbelief in certain parts.

As always with films, it’s the on-screen technology that lets it down and the fact that they were running a “UNIX” operating system that a 12 year old girl could hack into was a bit too far for me.

Anyway, great film, really enjoyed it, if it is on in IMAX 3D near you I really suggest you go and see it.